Recently, I was sharing the health benefits of EVOO with a friend. She was fascinated, but I could tell she wasn’t really sold. And then, I shared the link between depression and EVOO. Her eyes lit up… “I’m sending some olive oil to my kid today,” she declared. “He has been depressed lately”

I felt so good having helped her… This is why I love sharing my oils, and my knowledge.

**Please note, I don’t promise that EVERY remedy will resonate with everyone in every situation BUT there are so many benefits of olive oil that almost everyone can find a use for this simple kitchen staple.**

Here’s PART 2 of the Olive Oil benefits I find fascinating:


Following the Mediterranean Diet can help reduce the ‘bad” cholesterol – LDL – and enhances insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. Studies have shown that people on the Med Diet fair much better than those on a low-fat diet. Olive oil, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

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We’ve all heard about osteoporosis, especially if you are women of post-menopausal age. Osteoporosis is a decrease in bone mass, which can make the bones more fragile.

Research has shown that Olive Oil aids in the absorption of calcium and mineralization of the bones.

Well, I like this information because I am taking calcium and I want all the absorption I can get!

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This is interesting. A study showed that people who ate a high amount of trans fat (found in processed foods) had an increased risk of depression. Those that ate the Mediterranean diet, with a lot of olive oil, fish and veggies had lower incidents of depression. The increase in mono and polyunsaturated fats lowered the risk of depression and lessened or eliminated the symptoms.

Other miscellaneous benefits:
1. Skin: Olive oil Protects the skin from UV rays

2. Hypertension: Studies have shown that olive oil can help prevent or cure hypertension

I am constantly amazed by the number of studies showing the benefit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet. We just can’t ignore it. The basic message is: eat lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, fish and very little red meat. And pour on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

**Be sure your Olive Oil is fresh and a high-quality extra virgin to get the most health benefits.**

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