I spent Memorial Day weekend in beautiful San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico celebrating my dear friend’s upcoming wedding.

It was heavenly!

On the first day, the ten of us spent the day relaxing poolside. And, with pool time  – if you are not careful – comes sunburn.

Stretching out in the luxurious shade of the pool umbrella, I was not careful.

So, surprise! I got sunburned.

Luckily, I brought a small bottle of olive oil with me! I’ve been reading up on the many uses of olive oil beyond cooking and *this* was the perfect opportunity to see if my olive oil was just as good on my skin as it is on my food.

Sidenote, I know you must be asking RoseAnne WHY in the world did you take olive oil on a trip?!

Well…as you might have noticed on the blog I’ve been using olive oil in lots of new ways recently including my morning detox, beauty treatments, and as a substitute for butter when I want to make healthier dessert options.

Honestly, with so many uses for olive oil, I think that every girl could stand to keep a small bottle of the good stuff in her purse!

Anyway, that night I slathered olive oil on my sunburned skin and the relief I felt was immediate!

In the morning, my skin was soft – still pink – but no burn or irritation.

I used it every night I was there and when I got home, I had a nice tan and my skin glowed with health!  YAY!

There’s one more thing I’d like to share – with the sun and pool water – I wanted to give my hair a treatment, so I rubbed olive oil into my hair from the roots to the ends, wrapped my hair in a heated a towel for 5 minutes before shampooing. You can read more about hair treatments, here.

After, my hair was so soft and shiny that I can’t wait to add this simple treatment to my hair routine!

I love finding all these great uses for olive oil – it saves money when all you need is a bottle of high-quality olive oil to enhance food and make you beautiful inside and out!

What about you? Do you have any “secret” uses for olive oil that you’ve tested or would like to test out for yourself? I’d love to hear about it!

Until then…

Ciao for now,





  • Cheryl Brown says:

    I should have followed your lead! As one of those 10 women who accompanied you to celebrate our friends upcoming wedding, I too was not careful and even foolish with the amount of Sun I allowed myself to get. I went home in actual pain, and suffered for a few more days, and am still peeling. Thanks for the tips! I would love to experience all the benefits of your good quality olive oil!

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