Last week I was traveling to Arizona and I needed to eat lunch before I boarded the plane. I had already eaten enough of the snacks I carry with me and I wanted a salad.

I always carry nuts and sulfate-free dried fruits; my favorite is dried mangos – YUM!

I went into the only restaurant in my terminal and the menu had some good salads.

But I’ve learned over the years, ordering a salad is challenging. I have an issue with vegetable oil, aka soybean oil.

Soybean oil is everywhere and used in almost every restaurant.   From my experience, I’d estimate 80 – 90% of the restaurants use Soybean Oil. (I am so grateful for the restaurants that do not use that oil). After years of suffering and experimentation, I found out that I have a sensitivity to soybean oil. I’ll wager other people have the same issue but don’t realize it. I get sharp pains in my stomach that can feel like people are having a wrestling match in my tummy.

I asked the server what type of oil they used in their salad dressing and he said it was vegetable oil. I asked if they had Olive Oil and they did not. I was disappointed and I had to decide if I would stay or leave; I left.

Feeling good is always more important than the temporary pleasure of eating something.

Here are a few summarized bullet points about Soybean Oil and how it’s processed

  • Soybeans are very rich in Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and trans fat, both of which can cause many health problems, such as inflammation and disruption of our normal enzymatic pathways.


  • The processing method involves pressing, heating, various industrial chemicals, and highly toxic solvents. Other vegetable oils are processed in a similar manner. Below is a video of how canola oil is made.


  • 90 percent of the US uses genetically engineered (GE) soy. GE soy is resistant to the herbicide Roundup. When the fields are sprayed with Roundup, the weeds die but the soy plant thrives. There is a residue of Roundup in the soybean when it’s pressed into oil.

I don’t know exactly why I get issues with Soybean Oil but there are plenty of reasons not to eat it. I’ve learned a lot researching vegetable oils to write this post and I’m more certain than ever that Olive Oil is the only oil I want to use.

Coconut Oil is another oil that is cold pressed and has healthy attributes. I’ll look into Coconut Oil versus Olive Oil in another post. We all have choices when it comes to what we put in our bodies. Learning about what those choices are is the first step in knowing what to buy.

For more information about Soybean and Vegetable Oils, here are some articles I found very interesting:

Here is a video on how Olive Oil is processed – cold pressed:

I’m looking forward to seeing Olive Oil pressing first hand this November. I will make sure to post my experiences with you.   What are your thoughts about this information?

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