Organic Handmade Pasta From Italy

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While searching for unique and amazing products I can offer through my store, I found this Italian home-made pasta company that is locally owned by Giuliana Leopardi.  She is located in the town Norcia, region of Perugia, Italy.  Her pastas are outstanding, using the finest ingredients.

They use the bronze die technique which is the artisan method of making pastas as compared to the Teflon method.

Bronze drawing is a typically artisanal technique for the production of dry pasta, and one of the flagships of many artisan pasta factories. It allows the surface of the finished product to be porous and rough, which means a greater ability to “catch” and retain various types of seasonings and sauces.

The bronze drawn pasta is opaque and textured for a perfect marriage with a nice fresh tomato sauce. Among the other advantages related to bronze drawing is that the pasta is dried at very low temperatures, which means it retains the pasta’s nutrients and organoleptic qualities of the raw material grain and it gives the pasta the right texture, allowing it to blend well with the sauces you decide to add.

Another advantage of artisanal pasta is that the gluten content is less than in ordinary pasta.

Once you try this pasta, you’ll have a hard time going back to the grocery store variety.



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Manicotti, Fettucini, Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, Stringozzi


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