Olive Wood Rectangle Cutting Board With Mouse


An adorable little mouse sits on this cutting board to remind you to take in the beauty of everyday small things.  This cutting board is perfect for your everyday use as well as for entertaining. Hand-made in Italy!

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This adorable cutting board would be a perfect addition to your kitchen.  It has a little mouse where your knife could rest. How cute is that! Perfect for cutting and as a serving platter.

The Olive Wood has a bold grain with color variations that make each piece unique and special.  Artisans, in Italy, hand craft each piece showcasing the dramatic variations in tone and pattern to make each piece a one of a kind piece of art.

Olive wood is a hardwood that can withstand many years of use and still retain its beauty. Not only is this cutting board beautiful but it’s also very functional.

These Olive Wood Cutting Boards are made by Arte Legno Spello from the Umbria region in Italy.  They handcraft these unique and beautiful olive wood cutting boards with professionalism and passion for generations. Skilled craftsmen use their experience and mastery to mold precious olive wood into beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces that can be used every day. These beautiful Olive Wood cutting boards are made from a solid piece of olive wood created with care, expertise, and passion They are versatile and elegant pieces are built to last.

Since these boards are made from a single piece of olive wood, each cutting board is unique and varies in size and shape.  They are approximately 10 – 11 x 7 – 9 inches.

These Olive Wood Cutting Boards and Bowls make the most memorable gift for almost any occasion! Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas, Birthdays, and more! Give your loved ones something unique, beautiful, authentic, and also very practical. Bring a little piece of Italy into your home!

Care: Although the wood will not absorb liquid do not put in the dishwasher, always hand wash. For extra care, and to maintain luster – lightly wipe with olive oil after cleaning.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 2 cm


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