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Frantoio Franci Gift Box of 3

Frantoio Franci Gift Box of 3


Gift Box Set of 3 different Extra Virgin Olive Oils:Olivastra Seggianese, Villa Magra Gran Cru and Le Trebbiane. 100 ml of each.

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Get a sampling of 3 different Extra Virgin Olive Oils, 100 ml bottles:

  1. Olivastra Seggianese
    1. Fragrance: a clear scent of olives, fresh and delicate, typical of Olivastra, strong hints of vegetable with clear hints of artichoke and slight hints of banana.
    2. Taste: delicate, well-rounded, with well-balanced fruity and herbaceous flavors, very light and elegant. Initially with sweet sensation on the palate, which develops into a medium peppery intensity. Beautifully harmonious and elegant complexity with a spicy and fresh finish.
    3. Use: fresh on mushroom appetizers, boiled lobster, seafood salad, chickpea soup, fish couscous, fresh cheese, bakery products. Excellent as raw artichoke dip, with home-made mayonnaise, oil-preserved vegetables, and baking.
  2. Villa Magra Gran Cru
    1. Fragrance: fresh, intensely grassy with a predominant aroma of artichoke, cardoon, and green almond, enhanced by floral and cherry hints which create an extremely complex bouquet.
    2. Taste: ample, with strong and decisive spice and bitterness, overlaid with excellent harmony, great complexity of herbaceous hints and long persistence of smooth aromatic notes.
    3. Use: Excellent on potatoes, beans, chickpeas and vegetables in general; on red meat or strong-flavored fish; with fresh cheese, such as mozzarella, which enhance the fresh-green features of the oil. It perfectly pairs zucchini pies or artichoke cakes; ideal on grilled porcini mushrooms and first courses such as gnocchi or ricotta cheese tortellini with parmesan.
  3. Le Trebbiane
    1. Fragrance: fresh and clean fruity aroma, rich in grassy scents with a predominance of artichoke, elegant notes of fruit and spices.
    2. Taste: ample and harmonious, with herbaceous hints of artichoke, blossoms, and fruit, extremely complex. Medium intensity of harmonious bitter and peppery features, a rich finish with a long spicy persistence.
    3. Use: Ideal fresh on tuna carpaccio, seafood au gratin, porcini mushroom soup, shellfish stew, grilled meat and mature cheese. Excellent in soups, green or spelt salads, medium-flavored fish, legumes, bruschetta, and dip.

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