I’ve received a few questions lately about Dr. Gundry’s olive oil so I thought I’d share some information with you in case you have been wondering.

He’s been advertising that his olive oil is 30 times higher in polyphenols than regular olive oil.

Someone reached out to me last week and I looked up the product and noticed a few things.

First, the bottle says olive oil, not extra virgin so that’s interesting.  I thought that maybe his claims were based on the fact that his extra virgin olive is higher in polyphenols than regular olive oil, which is refined and has no polyphenols.  So that would make sense.

In case you didn’t know, there are 3 types of olive oils.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed, which means that it’s processed mechanically, with no chemicals at all.  Then, when the olive oil is done being pressed, it gets tested by both chemical analysis and sensory analysis.  In order for it to be called extra virgin, there can be no defects in the sensory panel evaluation and the chemical evaluation has to be within certain limits.  The sensory panel (done by certified olive oil testers) tests for balance and harmony in the taste and makes sure that there is not any rancidity – or defect in the taste.
  2. Virgin Olive Oil is also cold pressed and goes through the testing as well, but there can be 1 – 2 defects in the sensory evaluation and the chemical analysis has a little more leeway. It’s still a good olive oil just not extra virgin.
  3. Olive Oil – another name is Pure Olive Oil – This olive oil is made from Lampante oil. That means that it is not fit for human consumption.  The processing was so bad that this oil, in the old days, it would be used for lamp oil – lampante oil.  In order for it to be fit for us to eat, it goes through a chemical process, like soybean and canola oil, in order for it to be disinfected and cleaned.  Needless to say, there are no polyphenols nor health benefits in this oil.

Now, that you have a little lesson in the categories of olive oil, it has been determined that indeed, Dr. Gundry’s olive oil is just that olive oil and he has somehow added polyphenols in it.

Just as I was getting questions on this product, The Olive Oil Times, was as well and they performed an investigative report on the olive oil.

I’ll attach the report here if you want to read more information.

But in summary, Dr. Gundry’s claims are not consistent with any Olive Oil Council, his price is exorbitant and it’s unclear what you are getting.

When The Olive Oil Times performed a sensory evaluation here is the outcome “certified taste panel leader found the Gundry sample from the most recent harvest to be lampante — or unfit for human consumption — calling it “one of the worst oils I have ever assessed,” devoid of any positive attributes and exceedingly rancid.”

So, please remember to get the best health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, you need to buy a good quality extra virgin olive oil.  There are many out there – and I carry some of the best!

I hope this has been helpful.

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