There are many studies out there that are proving the health benefits of high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

The health benefits are many but for me, personally, I love to know that studies are proving that olive oil may prevent the most aggressive type of breast cancer.

Breast cancer runs in my family and I have had my share of loss due to this disease. So, anything I can do to make sure I evade this disease, I do.

I get my mammograms regularly.

I eat healthy the best I can – lots of whole foods – I like the Mediterranean diet 

And I eat my extra virgin olive oil.

The chemical compound called hydroxytyrosol, which is found in extra virgin olive oil, was tested on the actual breast cancer cells. Hydroxytyrosol was found to inhibit the tumor cells from multiplying and reduced the aggressiveness of the disease.

Maybe one day a new chemotherapy drug can be made from non-toxic chemicals found in nature instead of what is currently being used. That’d be amazing!

I’m totally happy eating EVOO as a way to stay healthy, get my anti-oxidants and know that every bite is keeping me on my journey of a happy and healthy life.

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