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  • Jan082018

    Olive Oil and The Hospital

    Olive Oil and The Hospital It’s interesting how a story idea pops up and in the least expected places. My Uncle Zio, which means Uncle in…

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  • Jan022018

    How Olive Oil Is Made

    Making Extra Virgin Olive oil is an art and a science. Everything has to go right in order for the liquid gold to be called Extra…

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  • Nov172017

    My Pup Batman

    For all of you animal lovers, get ready to fall in love with Batman who is a sweet 10-year-old Yorkie. He started coughing and it didn’t…

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  • Nov012017

    Soybean Oil versus Olive Oil

    Last week I was traveling to Arizona and I needed to eat lunch before I boarded the plane. I had already eaten enough of the snacks…

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  • Oct012017

    Starting Olive Oil Learning

    I bet over the years, we’ve all taken at least one (or many) algorithm tests which spell out your personality traits.  I know I have.

    One of my 5 main traits is that I am a learner.  I love learning new things to see how they work, why they do, all about them, etc – you get the idea!  Knowledge makes me feel empowered.

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  • Oct012017

    How I Started This Business

    A little about me: I have been in the corporate world for the last 12 years; in sales for a healthcare company and before that I…

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