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  • Mar112018

    Olive Oil Soaps and Lotions

    I have been reading quite a few books about Olive Oil lately and although most are for uses in cooking, I am finding more and more…

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  • Feb252018

    Rio Bravo Ranch Olive Oil, California

    This week I met with Stefanie, an Olive Oil specialist, from The Rio Bravo Ranch, along the Kern River. I had the opportunity to taste their…

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  • Feb112018

    Birthdays and Appetizers

    Today is my stepdaughter, Britney’s, birthday. Whenever possible, I like to make a special dinner to celebrate each child and grandchild’s birthday. Yesterday, as I was…

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  • Jan312018

    UC Davis and The Olive Oil Promise

    The International Olive Council,  based in Madrid, Spain, chose UC Davis to host their first International Olive Oil Seminar on Olive Oil and Health on January…

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  • Jan312018

    Article on Benefits of Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate

    Hi there! I thought you might be interested in this article. I love dark chocolate and olive oil. Knowing that together they have powerful health benefits…

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  • Jan142018

    The Heart and The Mediterranean Diet

    I hope you had a nice weekend. I want to share some of myself with you because as time goes on I hope we will get…

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