• Jul162018

    Olive Oil and Remedies for your Life. 

    I lost my mother when I was only 18 years old. So, when I read books like “The Passionate Olive” by Carol Firenze where she talks…

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  • Jul092018

    What’s Beauty Got To Do With It?

    What do Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and I ALL have in common? We all recognize the healing and beautifying benefits of Olive Oil! Ancient Romans and…

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  • Jun252018

    Why You Should Eat Olive Oil Every Day! Part 2

    Recently, I was sharing the health benefits of EVOO with a friend. She was fascinated, but I could tell she wasn’t really sold. And then, I…

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  • Jun182018

    Why You Should Eat Olive Oil Every Day! Part 1

    I love learning and trying new things that can benefit my life. Every morning I wake up, drink water, then take a shot of Extra Virgin…

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  • Jun032018

    The Easiest Sunburn Treatment (EVER!)

    I spent Memorial Day weekend in beautiful San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico celebrating my dear friend’s upcoming wedding. It was heavenly! On the first day, the…

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  • May122018

    Morning Detox Solution

    I make sure to drink 8 ounces of water every morning before I eat anything to give my body a chance wake up and start the…

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