I keep touting the health benefits of olive oil which are near and dear to my heart.  But what about balsamic vinegar?

Balsamic vinegar is made from Trebbiano grapes and they are processed in a very regulated way in 2 regions of Italy: Modena and Reggio Emilia.  The grapes are boiled down to create a must, then aged slowly which starts the fermentation process.  The longer the aging process, the sweeter and denser the end product. YUM!

Balsamic vinegar was created because back in the Roman days because the grapes in Northern Italy did not produce enough alcohol for wine, so they discovered the process of making balsamic vinegar.  Before they realized they could use the vinegar to enhance their food, they used it for medicinal purposes. They found that this vinegar has strong has antiviral and antibacterial properties and they used it for the treatment of wounds.

If you include high-quality, traditionally made, balsamic vinegar in your diet, here are some of the health benefits you can enjoy.

Balsamic vinegar is high in polyphenols, bioflavonoids, which are antioxidants, and probiotics.  All things good for your body.

  1. Can balance blood sugar because it has a low glycemic index.
  2. Helps maintain strong and healthy bones because it improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body and contains absorbable calcium.
  3. The antioxidants (polyphenols, bioflavonoids) can help reduce hypertension, maintain heart health, lower cholesterol and boost your immune system.
  4. Helps to maintain a healthy gut because of the probiotics, aids in digestion and may aid in weight loss by curbing your appetite due to the probiotic effect and increases your metabolism.
  5. The polyphenols and bioflavonoids can also help your blood circulation, since balsamic is made from grapes, it may prevent your platelets from clotting thus help with your overall cardiac health

In Italy, balsamic vinegar is used as a digestive after eating. Mix 1 tablespoon of the vinegar with some water and drink. But in Italy, there are many digestives, Limoncello, coffee etc..  This is just one of them.

And as with all claims of health, it matters that you eat your veggies, exercise and live consciously aware of your diet.  Then, adding these extra nutrients can really add to your overall well being.

Cheers to good health!

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