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What is a Grove Gathering?

It’s a fun way to spend an evening at your home with your friends, virtually on Zoom,  learning about Olive Oil!

We learn how to taste olive oil or vinegar, what characteristics to look for, what are the health benefits, and how both of them can enhance food.

There will be 2 classes to choose from:

  1. Experience the history and flavors of Olive Oil
  2. Balsamic Vinegar: How to enjoy different kinds of vinegar to enhance your food experience.

Each class comes with a sample package delivered to your door and a list of household items needed to make the most of the experience.

Each class will cost $69.00 per person which allows for 2 persons per computer screen.

To join a Grove Gathering, contact me at 831-601-7165 or at

Stay tuned for a calendar of events.

Learn about

  • Olive Oil facts and tips
  • Health benefits,
  • Olive Oil and Vinegar tasting and
  • Food Pairings – the way Olive Oil and Vinegar are truly meant to be enjoyed!

Grab a glass of wine (or not) and enjoy the company of your friends while learning, tasting and savoring the way olive oil and vinegar enhances the flavor of food. Stop being confused about what Olive Oil to buy and learn what makes a premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil so special.

If you love to cook (or eat) as I do, the tips you learn will enhance your food preparation and you’ll never go back!

To join a Grove Gathering or to get more information,
email RoseAnne or call 831-601-7165