Canola Oil vs. Olive Oil
You can scan the internet and find pros and cons about the health benefits of canola oil. You might even find evidence that backs up the claim that Canola Oil is a “heart healthy” option because it is a monounsaturated fat – that’s the good kind of fat we want.  

But what I find most telling is how Canola Oil is made.

Canola Oil is made by using heat, chemical solvents, bleach to make the color appealing and deodorizer to remove the smell.  

You can view the process here:


The process in itself leads to me to want to severely limit my intake of Canola Oil.

Here are some reasons to rethink your use of Canola Oil:

1) Canola Oil Is A Genetically Modified Product. In fact, over 90% of rapeseed, which is used to make Canola Oil, is genetically modified.  T

2) Canola Oil produces a chemical called erucic acid, which is poisonous to humans. Some say it is such a small amount as to not warrant any concern while others say is can cause heart failure and cancer.

3) Canola Oil Is highly inflammatory. Canola Oil can oxidize easily, making it very unstable, releasing free radicals to cause havoc in our bodies.

4) Canola Oil may contain “hexane residue”, a volatile solvent. The above video shows the intense process that is used to make Canola Oil — from refining, bleaching and degumming — all using chemicals. Yuck!

5) Canola Oil consumption may affect your brain and weight management.

Leading natural health expert, Dr. Mercola, quotes a study that shows that the ratio of fats in Canola Oil – he called them damaged Omega 6 fatty acids, can lead to weight issues and dementia.

In contrast, the process for producing Olive Oils is so much cleaner. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in particular, is made from the olive. It is cold-pressed, which means no chemicals are used, and only the juice of the olive is consumed.

You can view the entire process below:

We are lucky we have the ability to choose what goes into our bodies.  A little education and attention can make a difference in our daily lives.

Olive oil is clean, healthy and can be used for everything – eat as much as you like and Cheers to your good health!

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