Today is my stepdaughter, Britney’s, birthday. Whenever possible, I like to make a special dinner to celebrate each child and grandchild’s birthday.

Yesterday, as I was deciding on the menu, I thought it was a great opportunity to make the Marinated Feta recipe I have on my website. I was going to make lasagna and thought, why not more cheese!

So, last night, I prepared the feta and the lasagna.

I used a medium-intensity Extra Virgin Oil Olive for the recipe and used fresh rosemary but I didn’t have fresh thyme, so I just used my dried thyme. I like to adjust my recipes to what I already have at home.

I especially loved knowing that the Olive Oil I used to marinate the feta was going to be used for the salad dressing. I wouldn’t have wanted to waste all that delicious olive oil!

I’m happy to report that everyone loved the Marinated Feta. It was super delicious. I served it with toasted French bread, which was generously drizzled with olive oil. It was a perfect companion for the feta.

Do you have an appetizer recipe that uses Olive Oil? I’d love to hear about them!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Ciao for now,


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