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Author archive for RoseAnne

  • May052018

    Damaged hair? Read this!

    I’ve written about the benefits of Olive Oil for our skin but did you know that Olive Oil is great…

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  • Apr302018

    Olive Oil and Osteoporosis?

    I love finding articles that can supplement my life. I just recently had my bone density test done. The results…

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  • Apr202018

    Article in the Pine Cone

    On April 20, 2018, Mary Schley from the Pine Cone wrote an article about Ruccello Olive Oil.  I’m so honored…

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  • Apr192018

    Vegan Olive Oil Chocolate Truffle

    Chocolate Truffles Right 4 All Blood Types Below is a recipe that looked delicious!  I love chocolate and I wanted…

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  • Apr152018

    The Herald Article

      RoseAnne Ruccello-Fischer did not want to drift toward retirement without aim or purpose. The Monterey native wanted to build…

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  • Mar282018

    Batman in the Carmel Pine Cone

    Batman, Ruccello Olive Oil’s snoopervisor is in the Carmel Pine Cone!  He is a very important addition to my team…

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  • Mar282018

    Olive Oil Interview with Dr. Moffat

    My Naturopath Doctor, Denice Moffat, interviewed me for her newsletter. It’s a great article to learn about Olive Oil. Read…

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  • Mar112018

    Olive Oil Soaps and Lotions

    I have been reading quite a few books about Olive Oil lately and although most are for uses in cooking,…

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  • Feb252018

    Rio Bravo Ranch Olive Oil, California

    This week I met with Stefanie, an Olive Oil specialist, from The Rio Bravo Ranch, along the Kern River. I…

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  • Feb232018

    Olive Oil and Doggie Treats

    Doggie Cookie Treats: These treats are full of nutritious protein, minerals, and Olive Oil for healthy goodness. If you have…

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